Group Healings

Group Channelled Healing Circle

Group Healings

The group channelled healing circle was formed from a direct message from spirit to Bridget to create and provide this service.

The Healing Circle begins with energetic clearing of the space and those who are present. Bridget then calls in and gives voice to a channelled message, guidance and energetic healing that all are in alignment with in there own way.

Bridget uses a variety of healing tools such as Crystals, Sound, Drumming, Essential Oils, Smudging, Healy Quantum Frequency Device and more.

The circle is completed with a quiet meditation and personal integration time.

These healing circles are often experienced as a powerful, light filled gift to meet the precise needs of all of those who are present and are completely unique and different every time.

Group Channelled Healing Circle 1hr $25 @ The Lotus Centre, 45 Victoria St, Hobart, Tasmania

I will reply to your enquiry with current group locations and details. Alternatively you can arrange a group of your own including the option for a live online distance group circle. Thank You.



“Bridgets healing circles are a welcomed retreat… as we spiral out into the world during the week, we return home in circle… to centre, ground, relax and let go in a truly held, sacred space. Bridgets channeled healing, drumming and the sharing of doTerra oils are transformational and the healing continues to unfold with moments of remembrance, reflection and clarity through out the week until you rejoin again in circle the following week.“

Kim Cawthorn, Tasmania

“The healing circles have been so great and I highly recommend them if you want to connect to source energy and divine light.”

Kymma, Cygnet Tasmania

“Bridget and her healing circles are the real deal.”

Beth, Tasmania

“I personally feel Bridget and her healing work has helped me become more in tune with who I am and how amazing it is to be me!”

Jo, Cygnet Tasmania