Gut Healing Masterclass Workshop

“absolutely above and beyond anything I expected, Wow Bridget!”

Sharon, Brisbane, Qld

This is an enlightening, fully comprehensive, very unique gut healing workshop. I teach from a place of passion for healing having strived for my own gut health for the majority of my life. I have years of experience teaching this content, since 2015, across Australia and have created this masterclass setting you up for individualised, practical everyday success to heal your gut.

This workshop delivers foundational gut health education which in my opinion is crucial for health full stop plus complete tuition for homemaking kombucha, milk kefir, milk kefir cheeses, non dairy milk kefir, fermented vegetables, fermented condiments right through to how to ferment actually anything.

Bridget’s Delicious Medicinal Kombucha

I also cover store bought ferments and what’s important to look for there so you can still experience gut healing if homemaking is not entirely your thing. This workshop is for everybody wanting more health, whether you love creating in the kitchen or not.

I also spend some time on plant medicines, essential oils and lifestyle options with what’s important to consider in our modern world when healing and maintaining gut health. You will make many connections here for self healing and health empowerment.

If you are interested in better health, love cooking and/or growing food; have any gut/digestive issues; have any inflammation and/or hormonal issues; feel disconnected, depressed, anxious and/or have mental health issues; have children who are picky eaters, intolerant to foods and/or have behavioural issues; have a low immune system and/or poor health; have any kind of skin issues and/or you just want to increase your overall health and raise your immunity…. then this workshop is very much for you!

You Will Receive…

  • gut health education crucial for self-empowered long-term overall health
  • practical fermentation demonstrations, tastings plus a delicious full lunch
  • my Wild For Wellness booklet including all content and recipes plus more
  • your own active seasonal vegetable ferment, which we set up together
  • 3x quality glass fermenting jars
  • 1x quality fermentation airlock
  • 1x quality fermentation glass weight
  • Milk Kefir Culture, set making your first jar of milk kefir (dairy free optional)
  • Kombucha Culture and starter tea
  • delicious bottle of Bridget’s Medicinal Kombucha
  • Organic cotton cheesecloth for covering your ferments
  • 5ml Wild Orange Essential Oil to flavour kombucha
  • 2ml sample digestion essential oil blend for belly comfort
  • access to Bridget’s participant only Facebook Fermentation Q&A group

…did I mention the delicious gut healing lunch?… I have seriously had multiple people over the years tell me they are re doing this workshop just for the lunch with these photos below from previous workshops.

You will leave this workshop completely inspired with ferments on the go, quality equipment to continue with minimally or expand on, a belly full of probiotic healing activity, all your recipes, cultures and tuition plus after support to ensure your success. You deserve to feel great, as we all do, as do our beautiful kids! So consider attending from the variety of days/dates on offer.

I currently offer these masterclasses in small groups in a beautiful country kitchen in Woodbridge Tasmania. I no longer travel with this workshop as I did in my past business ‘Wild For Wellness’. This content is a treasure to me, it is highly transformational and I continue to hear feedback of profound healing, so I continue to share it and I would love to share it with you too.

If you are called to this offering but finances pose a barrier, you can pay in 4 through PayPal. I am also open to consider direct trades or work exchanges, please just message me directly about this. Further I offer a portion of all my work on an online global economy database. It’s important to me to make my work accessible to all.


“The information I have received from Bridget around health, particularly gut health has completely changed my life.”

Jill, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

“Bridget is a wonderful teacher and so inspiring, you can’t help but want to copy everything she does”

Cathy, Hobart, Tasmania

“I have been fermenting on and off for years but this workshop has totally revolutionised everything I understood!”

Suzie, Cairns, Queensland

“if you care about your health, just go to this workshop”

Anne, Hobart, Tasmania