Intuitive Healing & Bodywork Treatments

“My healing session with Bridget was utterly incredible. Her power of intuition and her immediate connection with my true self transformed me beyond anything I have ever experienced before.”

Helen, Hobart Tasmania

As an Intuitive Mystic Healer, Masseuse and Holistic Health Coach, I offer individually tailored healing treatments in my beautiful room now in Kingston Beach, just south of Hobart, Tasmania. Whether you are seeking a deeply accurate reading, nurturing bodywork &/or energy healing, I work intuitively with your whole being, connecting with your energy, body, mind & soul to provide a multidimensional healing experience that will precisely meet your needs.

We are free to work with any combination of my gifts, skills and talents which we can determine and allow guidance on the day..

  • Intuitive Reading / Soul Channelling
  • Nurturing Bodywork / Intuitive Massage
  • Authentic Energy Healing
  • Psychic Visionary Guidance
  • Spiritual Counselling
  • Natural Health Guidance
  • Sound Frequencies
  • Aromatherapy
  • Crystal Vibrational Healing
  • Oracle Card Confirmations

Regardless of your state of being, beliefs and/or life circumstances, I guide you in session/s to your place of clarity, connection, inner peace, increased health, self empowerment and soul fulfilment.

A great way to discover if I am a good fit for you is to read some of the feedback kindly sent to me from many of the hundreds of beautiful souls I have worked with previously. If this sparks a call in you to work with me, then let’s connect and see what goodness unfolds for you.

I also offer single Intuitive Readings via Phone, Online or Remotely PLUS solely Massage @ The Beaute Spot in Kingston.


“Bridgets healings are truly Transformational to say the least. Her gift of setting sacred space and channelling your souls greatest desires is totally indescribable”

Kim, Middleton, Tasmania

“I had THE most profound healing experience and body work I have ever received. Incredibly powerful woman, absolutely highly recommended!”

Dorianne, Hobart, Tasmania

“I would highly recommend Bridget’s readings.. it has been extremely precise, relevant and clarifying for me, uncannily so… my energy feels more aligned and grounded with a clearer path ahead after her session. Her words ring of true connection and wisdom. Thank you Bridget!”

Cree, Cygnet Tasmania

“I was lucky enough to be gifted a session with Bridget.. I tend to be very selective in the people I will entrust with my inner sanctum but immediately knew Bridget was the real deal and excitedly accepted. In a nutshell my session was fabulous and left me feeling clear, joyful and in a super high vibe… I loved her ability to connect directly with ones own true self and speak words so clearly and positively… I knew what she was saying was important, valid and true.. I love what she does and I have no doubts you will too… I don’t only give her 5 stars.. Bridget is a Superstar!”

Katja, Sacred Space Cygnet, Tasmania 

“Let me tell everyone my healing was bloody amazing!! Bridget your treatment was so precise and nurturing I’m still feeling the benefits of it days later. Something I wasn’t even aware of, has really shifted on a deeper level changing my awareness and outlook. Thank you darling, I’ll be back for more.”

Julie, Blackmans Bay, Tasmania

“Bridget is one of those rare healers who knows how to hold space for deep transformation. She does not shy away from the hard stuff and offers a welcoming, grounded, and very sacred cauldron. I highly recommend Bridget’s sessions and love the way she weaves bodywork, energy, sound, and ritual together into a powerful medicine.” 

Misha, Hobart, Tasmania

“Bridget’s intuition was spot on and the massage was exactly what I needed and sound bath at the end of the session allowed me to process the experience and have a profound realisation. The best intuitive session I have ever had” 

Trina, Woodbridge, Tasmania

‘Wow!  My reading was amazing and the massage one of the best I have ever had. I know now how I need to move forward, absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to book another session. Be kind to yourself and book a session you will be left feeling amazing.  Thank you Bridget!’ 

Alison, Tasmania

“I have had the privilege of working with Bridget for some time now, and every time I receive her powerful intuitive healing readings and intuitive massages I reach another level of personal insight, healing and strength. I truly feel safe in Bridget’s space and am a better person for our work together.”

Justine, Kettering, Tasmania

“AMAZING, what a Gift you are to those that find their way to you! Femininity, a peaceful healing environment. I truly recommend which I did when asked what I had been doing after leaving my session today!”

Pam, Huonville, Tasmania

“I found Bridget very welcoming and my session was a little push in the direction I needed to hear and move towards. I loved laying down and receiving the sound healing also.”

Emily, Tasmania

“Thank you so much for my session, it was an amazing experience and I’m so glad you recorded the reading. I have relistened to my reading a couple of times now and it blows me away how much insight you have in my inner self. There’s a lot to take in and integrate. It has given me the confidence to know that I am on the right path. I’m looking forward to seeing you again, for a massage next.”

Sylvia, Sandy Bay, Tasmania

“Wow Bridget, what an exquisite combination… nurturing massage, the best essential oils, drumming, crystal bowls, your voice and your beautiful presence! I LOVED this session, I feel clear & light yet calm & grounded. I will be back!”

Samantha, Hobart Tasmania

“..what a remarkable person you are to be able to call on this insight and offer these findings to myself and no doubt many others… I would highly recommend your skills to others. Very powerful stuff.”

Brian, Woodbridge, Tasmania

“Thankyou Bridget for yet another amazing intuitive session and massage. I left feeling calm and relaxed, with so much more clarity…it’s been two days and I still feel so much calmer within myself.” 

Michelle, Cygnet, Tasmania

“Wow, your sessions are everything I’ve read plus more, truly amazing Bridget. I feel deeply touched, very clear minded and just great…. Thank you very much.”

Sue, Kingston Tasmania

“I came away from my session with Bridget feeling a reinforcement of what I intuitively knew I needed to do but had procrastinated about for so long.  I felt light and inspired and listened to…and understood.  Friends noticed I was ‘lighter’ with my emotions and more inclined to not worry about the ‘small things’. I loved my session with Bridget”

Liz, Hobart, Tasmania

“Bridget, You are a gentle and gifted healer with amazing clarity, energy, and intention… it is so profoundly beautiful and clear that you are accessing pure white light and love. No Filters! Thank you for your intuition and insights. I experienced a unique confirmation of my path and my purpose in this session, with gratitude.”

Maddie, Sandy Bay, Tasmania

“Bridget is a wonderful healer tunes in and straight to the point. Clearing blocks quickly, highly recommended”

Izabell, Tasmania

“Thank You Bridget, it was special watching and receiving  your gift. You were accurate in reading my energy. You reinforced for me what I already knew about myself, I will be booking further massage healing sessions. So nurturing and in a safe space.”

Pam, Huonville Tasmania

“My reading and healing session with Bridget was wonderful. The word soulful comes to mind. It felt like I was welcomed into a sacred sanctuary, both literally and symbolically. There was an overarching feeling of a deep soulful quietude… an invitation into the depth of my being and beingness. The reading, for me, was a message of deep confirmation. Thank you, Bridget, for you and your work.”

Mark, Hobart Tasmania

“Today was everything I needed, from the intuitive reading, crystals, oils and drum, I resonated with it so much and it has really helped me solidify that I am on the right track and released a lot of doubt…”

Samantha, Hobart Tasmania

“Thank you Bridget for seeing me fully and gently guiding me towards my own self healing. You shared with me my truth that I have pushed down and not allowed which was truly uplifting and freeing. This is now my time.”

Bec, Hobart Tasmania

“Thank You so much for my session…. definitely felt like a rebirth that I have stepped into which has taken a few days to integrate and step forward and feels great. Much, much appreciation.”

Donna, Hobart, Tasmania

“Thankyou so much for helping me feel and know that what I am feeling for myself is the right path. I no longer have the feeling of being lost. All you spoke about was so correct for me. Thank you once again.”

Susan, Hobart, Tasmania

“My session with Bridget was incredible. As soon as I was on the table I felt a strong energy pulsing through me. My head was then cradled within Bridgets hands and every cell in my body was energised with the most divine and intense in a good way, heat… I knew in that moment I was in the hands of a very gifted healer. So much was shared in an amazing channelling which not only clarified things I knew but also helped me understand some things about my journey that had escaped my perception or had been forgotten. I am so grateful for this session and will definitely be sending anyone I feel is in need of the work that Bridget offers.”

Vicki, Cygnet, Tasmania

“I loved my recent session with Bridget. I came away feeling clear and relaxed – like I had shed an old skin to reveal a vibrant new one. She creates a safe and healing space where you can nurture yourself and receive just what you need in that moment. Everything in my session seemed to flow beautifully, and I came away with valuable insights as well as a calm and grounded body and mind. A very special experience with a very gifted healer. I highly recommend Bridget..”

Toni, Cygnet, Tasmania

“I am so grateful I found Bridget and would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. She helped me to shift some deep trauma that had me feeling unbalanced for a very long time. After just one session I felt like a new person. I feel lighter, more whole, grounded, clear in my head and thoughts. Bridget is a gifted healer and channel and I am so grateful for the important heart-led work she does.”

Connie, Hobart Tasmania

“Bridget is deeply intuitive and welcomingly present. She holds a gentle nurturing space to support healing and is clearly a gifted woman.”

Cath, Hobart Tasmania

“most emotional healing of my life”

Kristy, Hobart Tasmania

“Healing with Bridget is a self loving gift into a deeply peaceful, delicately powerful and gently healing transcendence of the mundane. She will carry you on a sublime journey to Self that is beautifully nurturing, uplifting and insightful.”

Gemma, Cygnet Tasmania

“I can’t find the words to explain how fulfilling my time was with Bridget… She knew exactly what I needed. I found Bridget to be a very kind, caring and compassionate person who has changed my life. I thank her GREATLY for generously sharing her beautiful gift”.

Berni, Hobart Tasmania

“Bridget is amazing. Full stop. She has helped me so much on my journey to healing and I feel so blessed to have found her… I know she has shifted so much for me that I could not do alone.”

Kymma, Cygnet, Tasmania

“I just had such a profound healing session with Bridget and feel calm, seen and completely held. Like a warm hug with heart and gentle, direct guidance with exactly the right messages I needed to move forward with joy and ease. Thank you beautiful soul. Look forward to another session with you soon.” 

Anna, Hobart Tasmania

“A healer does not heal you, a healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.’ Maryam Hasnaa. I reference this quote because this is what Bridget has done for me. Created a space where I could breathe, relax and receive the guidance and insight I needed at that point in time. A confirmation that I was on the right path, or a nudge in the right direction if I was feeling a little bit lost or confused… a space to surrender and receive the messages I needed to focus, to take that next step… This is my experience with Bridget, just so authentic.”

Esperanza, Hobart Tasmania

“I saw Bridget for the first time today and was completely blown away. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Laura, Hobart, Tasmania

“The resonance was amazing …it was like finding different puzzle pieces coming together which made me understand the bigger picture and journey of my life. Thank you so much Bridget”

T, Hobart Tasmania

“I resonated clearly with everything Bridget was saying in her channelled reading, her words that sparked an even more sense of clarity of my own energy and being present in the moment. I like to think that Bridget has magic hands because her hands certainly gravitated towards parts of my body that needed releasing. The beautiful and powerful aromas of doTerra oils that seemed to be tailored just for me were incredible and complimented what was a very powerful (for me) and holistic experience… Bridget is a very incredible, beautiful person, who has a wonderful gift and I feel very very lucky to have experienced her divine intuition and healing.

Bernice, Cygnet Tasmania

“Going into my first session with Bridget I had no idea what to expect but the call to see her was strong so I was excited!! She immediately made me feel comfortable with her no nonsense yet soft manner. I knew I was in for a treat when she used Frankincense on my third eye. I’m a Frank freak! Her intuitive use of essential oils and healers touch is incredibly soothing and put me into a state of connection with the source within right away. The messages she delivered to me throughout my session were EXACTLY what I needed to hear, I was seeking clarity, direction and reassurance and that’s what I received. I walked out of there feeling lighter and with a beautiful calmness that comes from knowing everything is going to be ok. I’m looking forward to working with Bridget more, she is a wise and potent healer and I’m so happy I found her.”

Beck, Hobart Tasmania

“Honestly, my healing with Bridget was amazing, beautiful and spot on. The gifts are strong in this magical human.”

Kaeti, Cygnet Tasmania

“Being proud & confident in the quality of my work, I offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Simply let me know within our time together & no charge or a full refund will be honoured.”