Intuitive Health Coaching

“Bridget’s passion for health is infectious, following her recommendations has been a delight. I am feeling all brand new, fresh, alive and full of energy and I’m really looking forward to learning more!”

Trish, East Coast Tasmania

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach I offer individual health coaching sessions held online or via phone. We discuss your health holistically and I quickly pin point areas that are lacking, out of alignment and/or wounded. I use both my health coaching and intuitive skills to do this. I provide any insights and we discuss fresh ideas to educate, inspire and guide you towards your unique expression of whole body health, ultimately guiding you to experience your natural energy, divine alignment and authentic self.

These sessions are simple yet powerful and effective. They are designed to be booked as either the occasional health boost or as a regular booking to facilitate ongoing health support, educated and intuitive guidance and total health renewal.

I believe vibrant health is not the goal but rather ‘the vehicle’ to embody our divine self, who we came here to experience in human form. With that said, I believe vibrant health is natural and foundational to our human experience, yet the majority of us are battling with varying levels of toxicity, misguidance, dependance and disconnection. Part of my work is to shine light on natural health and create pathways to return health to our own hands, reconnecting our self empowerment and lining us up with everything else we deserve and desire as a result.


“Working with Bridget has allowed me to take back ownership of my health and happiness. I have improved and actually resolved so much from simple things Bridget has suggested. I highly recommend working with Bridget.”

Kate, Launceston, Tasmania

“Before I met Bridget I was uncomfortable in my body in so many ways, not to mention having a really negative outlook and generally being unhappy in my life. From implementing the health changes I have learnt from Bridget and using the oils, I finally feel healthy, happy and quite honestly I feel alive! I am forever grateful. Thank You Bridget”

Sue, Hobart Tasmania

“The information I have received from Bridget around health, particularly gut health has completely changed my life.”

Jill, Sunshine Coast Queensland

“Bridget is such a genuine, down to earth, kind and caring woman who has a wealth of knowledge that makes complete sense and feels so right as opposed to all the fads and hype out there. I have got my health and my life back to basics and have completely shifted some long term health challenges and just feel great day after day.”

Melanie, Hobart Tasmania

“I love attending all that Bridget offers. I have attended multiple health and wellness workshops and have worked with Bridget in private health coaching sessions which have been a literal life saver. Bridget is alive with good health, full of passion for helping others and her presence feels like a ray of light.”

Lisa, Hobart Tasmania

“Bridget shared with me both information and insights that helped me pin point things that have been leeching my wellbeing. Not only have I eliminated these things, but I have learnt and been introduced to wonderful gut health practices, quality essential oils and the value of the things I do for myself. I have no issue highly recommending Bridget, she is warm, supportive and wise beyond her years.”

Catherine, Tasmania