Physical Health Guidance Sessions

“Bridget’s passion for health is infectious, following her recommendations has been a delight. I am feeling all brand new, fresh, alive and full of energy and I’m really looking forward to learning more!”

Trish, East Coast Tasmania

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach and within my own personal experiences, I highly value physical health and consider the highest health available to us personally, a required foundation for our souls purpose and overall happiness and well-being.

I offer health guidance to meet your personal needs to empower you forward. These sessions are tailored to suit you.. anything from a talking styled guidance session to individualised hands on tuition and/or even physical health focused energetic healings.

Talking guidance usually involves discussion about your health holistically in which I quickly pin point areas that are lacking or out of alignment using both my health coaching and intuitive skills. I provide holistic health insights and we discuss fresh ideas to educate, inspire and guide you towards an expanded and unique expression of whole being health applicable to you personally. I can also provide you with a recording of your health guidance discussion for you to review and make reference from if required.

Individualised hands on tuition in most cases involves delivering a relevant section from my Gut Health Masterclass. I work with your personally in my kitchen teaching you what is relevant to you often including tastings and setting you up with any cultures. Any additional hands on health tuition content can be taught in my kitchen to you as required. I am open to your unique needs.

Health focused energetic healing involves working intuitively focused on your physicality using energy balancing, clearings and activations; my favourite quality aromatherapy; crystal vibrations; guided psychic bodywork and clearing and/or sound frequencies using crystal bowls, singing bowls, medicine drumming and perhaps toning / my voice, all as you sit quietly or rest on the massage table. Usually this kind of healing work follows on and addresses something uncovered within time discussing your physical health.

It is best for you to contact me with a brief idea of your needs and so I can guide your booking and also prepare for your session. In addition to working with you in person, I can also quite possibly work with you remotely via phone or live online if required.

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If you are called to this offering but finances pose a barrier, you can pay in 4 through PayPal, just follow the PayPal option. I am also open to consider direct trades or work exchanges, please just message me directly about this. Further I offer a portion of all my work on an online global economy database. It’s important to me to make my work accessible to all.

“Being proud & confident in the quality of my work, I offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Simply let me know within our time together & no charge or a full refund will be honoured.”


“Working with Bridget has allowed me to take back ownership of my health and happiness. I have resolved so much from simple things Bridget has suggested. I highly recommend working with Bridget.”

Kate, Launceston, Tasmania

“In meeting with Bridget I learnt so much more to what I thought was a solid understanding of fermenting foods. Bridget connected some important dots for me plus taught me all about Milk Kefir. I got to taste it in many forms plus go home with some culture and recipe notes to make my own. A wonderful individual session. Very impressed!”

Melissa, South Hobart, Tasmania

“Before I met Bridget I was uncomfortable in my body in so many ways, not to mention having a really negative outlook and generally being unhappy in my life. From implementing her health changes, I finally feel healthy, happy and quite honestly I feel alive! I am forever grateful. Thank You Bridget”

Sue, Hobart Tasmania

“My session with Bridget inspired me immensely. I have so many new foodie ideas and am so inspired to not just cook again for myself but cook foods that will love my body… Thank You Bridget!”

Cindy, Southern Tasmania

“Bridget is such a genuine, down to earth, kind and caring woman who has a wealth of knowledge that makes sense and feels right as opposed to all the fads and hype out there. I have got my health and life back to basics and shifted some long term health challenges and feel great day after day.”

Melanie, Hobart Tasmania

“I love attending all that Bridget offers and have attended multiple workshops plus worked with Bridget in private coaching sessions which have been a literal life saver. Bridget is alive with good health, full of passion for helping others and her presence feels like a ray of light.”

Lisa, Hobart Tasmania

“Bridget shared with me both information and insights that helped me pin point things that have been leeching my wellbeing. Not only have I eliminated these things, but I have learnt and been introduced to wonderful gut health practices, quality essential oils and the value of holistic self care. I have no issue recommending Bridget, she is warm, supportive and wise beyond her years.”

Catherine, Tasmania