Energy Reading, Clearing & Healing Session (in person)

“My healing session with Bridget was utterly incredible. Her power of intuition and her immediate connection with my true self transformed me beyond anything I have ever experienced before.”

Helen, Hobart

In these healing sessions we sit across from each other as I clear and activate sacred space, calling in connection. I call forth healing that is alignment with your highest good. I have the ability to see visually your energy, dynamics, pathways ahead and hear messages for you. I generally receive healing around unresolved soul issues, for your personal growth. It is different every time. I share all I am presented. Anything I receive is deeply aligned to you personally. You will feel resonance.

I work solely as guided, anything is possible, common examples are…

  • speaking to and clearing fears / blocks energetically to move you forward
  • intuitive guidance around something in particular, answers / insight to questions
  • energetic activations / upgrades / chakra reading and healing
  • insight into your spiritual self / soul gifts / past life experiences
  • connection and healing with past loved ones / guides / spiritual mentors

I often use the following healing tools as guided or as you desire…

  • Smudging
  • Aromatherapy
  • Crystal Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Oracle Cards


“I had THE most profound healing experience and body work I have ever received. Incredibly powerful woman, absolutely highly recommended!”

Dorianne, Tasmania

“Bridgets healings are truly Transformational to say the least. Her gift of setting sacred space and channelling your souls greatest desires is totally indescribable”

Kim, Middleton Tasmania

“My session with Bridget was incredible. As soon as I was on the table I felt a strong energy pulsing through me. My head was then cradled within Bridgets hands and every cell in my body was energised with the most divine and intense in a good way, heat… I knew in that moment I was in the hands of a very gifted healer. So much was shared in an amazing channelling which not only clarified things I knew but also helped me understand some things about my journey that had escaped my perception or had been forgotten. I am so grateful for this session and will definitely be sending anyone I feel is in need of the work that Bridget offers.”

Vicki, Tasmania

“I am so grateful I found Bridget and would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. She helped me to shift some deep trauma that had me feeling unbalanced for a very long time. After just one session I felt like a new person. I feel lighter, more whole, grounded, clear in my head and thoughts. Bridget is a gifted healer and channel and I am so grateful for the important heart-led work she does.”

Connie, Hobart

“Bridget creates a healing space that holds you in perfect Love. I felt completely safe, nurtured and cared for. The beautiful energy that Bridget works with is powerful and clearly from divine Source… The healing helped to clear fear-based blocks that I had held for a long time, allowing me to feel more confidence in my work. Thank you so much Bridget.”

Kathy, Cygnet

“most emotional healing of my life”

Kristy, Hobart

“Healing with Bridget is a self loving gift into a deeply peaceful, delicately powerful and gently healing transcendence of the mundane. She will carry you on a sublime journey to Self that is beautifully nurturing, uplifting and insightful.”

Gemma, Cygnet

“Bridget is a very kind, caring, compassionate person who has changed my life. I thank her GREATLY for generously sharing her beautiful gift”.

Berni, Hobart Tasmania

“A healer does not heal you, a healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.’ Maryam Hasnaa. I reference this quote because this is what Bridget has done for me. Created a space where I could breathe, relax and receive the guidance and insight I needed at that point in time. A confirmation that I was on the right path, or a nudge in the right direction if I was feeling a little bit lost or confused… a space to surrender and receive the messages I needed to focus, to take that next step… This is my experience with Bridget, just so authentic.”

Esperanza, Hobart

“I saw Bridget for the first time today and was completely blown away. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Laura, Hobart, Tasmania

“Going into my first session with Bridget I had no idea what to expect but the call to see her was strong so I was excited!! She immediately made me feel comfortable with her no nonsense yet soft manner. I knew I was in for a treat when she used Frankincense on my third eye. I’m a Frank freak! Her intuitive use of essential oils and healers touch is incredibly soothing and put me into a state of connection with the source within right away. The messages she delivered to me throughout my session were EXACTLY what I needed to hear, I was seeking clarity, direction and reassurance and that’s what I received. She straight away knew I had some digestive issues and energetically removed some past life baggage that was no longer serving me. I walked out of there feeling lighter and with a beautiful calmness that comes from knowing everything is going to be ok. I’m looking forward to working with Bridget more, she is a wise and potent healer and I’m so happy I found her.”

Beck, Hobart

“Honestly, my healing with Bridget was amazing, beautiful and spot on. The gifts are strong in this magical human.”

Kaeti, Hobart