Purchase doTERRA

Purchase doTERRA

When you purchase doTERRA essential oils with me, you get much more than essential oils… you get my devoted support to ensure you are benefiting from your purchases and become part of my doTERRA community which has organically formed as a result of our shared passion for our own health and healing and these incredible oils.

As part of my doTERRA community you are welcome to book a 30min complementary phone wellness consult with me as required plus can meet personally at any of the inspirational events I run or are connected to around Australia. You can even request an inspirational personal doTERRA event with your friends/community and we can tailor this to your needs. The way I work is I make it all about you, because my business is all about inspiring and empowering your self healing.

To get started with doTERRA, I recommend you begin with the Home Essentials kit. This is a collection of 11 doTERRA essential oils and blends that are foundational. Among these oils is a natural solution to meet pretty much most needs and is what we believe every home should have on hand.

The Home Essentials kit includes…

  • Lavender 15ml to calm, soothe, relax a situation, person or environment
  • Lemon 15ml cleaning oil for home, internal body, ideal in drinking water
  • Peppermint 15ml most popular oil, fresh breath, cooling, uplifting benefits
  • Oregano 15ml powerfully supports on a microbial level for overall health
  • Tea Tree 15ml gentle on the skin to align skin microbial health and beauty
  • Frankincense 15ml powerfully supports cell, brain and whole being health
  • On Guard 15ml the immune boosting blend to sustain ongoing health
  • Easy Air 15ml respiratory blend for all breathing support and to refresh air
  • Digest Zen 15ml outstanding digestive blend that supports all gut health
  • Ice Blue 5ml the athletic blend to support muscles, joints, aches and pains
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil 115ml a highly effective, non greasy carrier oil

In addition the Home Essential Kit includes an ultrasonic diffuser. We don’t want you to burn essential oils of this quality as levels of heat may damage the therapeutic qualities. This ultrasonic diffuser uses water and vibration to disperse the oils into the air in your environment, called the petal diffuser.

The 11 oils and petal diffuser purchased as a kit actually not only saves you 25% on retail prices but also an additional $140. So yes I recommend The Home Essential kit priced at $339 plus $8 delivery in Australia.

There certainly are other options/kits that perhaps suit you better, the mini Family Essentials kit $172, larger kits like the Natural Solutions Kits $635 or Oil Sharing Kit $1390 or you can customize your own kit and even purchase one or two oils at retail prices to try first. The Home Essentials kit is however by far the best valued kit and what suits most people to start with when looking for oils for a home environment, certainly the kit I recommend most.

After a initial kit purchase you will have your own doTERRA account to continue to purchase either online or over the phone at the 25% off retail prices. There is an option to order monthly to earn credit points to redeem for free product, a great option to explore the full doTERRA range but you can certainly order here and there if you prefer. Shipping is always $8 in Australia.

There is also a business opportunity if this is of interest to you, see the page on this site, ‘doTERRA business opportunity’, otherwise you can certainly simply have a customer account only and this is what most people have.

If you prefer I set up your account and take your order for you, I am happy to do so. I can serve you over the phone or at one of my events or if you want to gather a few friends that are also interested I, or someone I work with across Australia can come to you and do a personalised in home doTERRA event where you can sample the oils and talk in person with us about doTERRA.

Whatever option that works for you, I wish you the best in health and self healing and look forward to working with you further with these exceptional essential oils and products.

Click this link to open a doTERRA account with me and order your Home Essentials Kit or your preferred kit.

Click here to arrange for me to take your order for you, to set up your account, answer your questions and/or to organise a personal doTERRA event.