Why doTERRA?

Why Essential Oils

doTERRA essential oils are steam distilled from native plant material or cold pressed from the rind in the case of citrus oils and can be used aromatically, topically and some even internally, which is how I found doTERRA. I love good food and really wanted therapeutic food grade essential oils and the doTERRA brand states this right on the label. Internal usage has history in the French model of aromatherapy and continues to be validated by scientific research as appropriate, effective and safe.

My experience of doTERRA essential oils quickly extended beyond food and what I discovered was a complete restoration of 100% faith and respect for natural plant based medicine. Previously I had spent a lot of money on average quality essential oils and other natural alternatives and medicines and my experience was nothing special. doTERRA essential oils however have totally exceeded the expectations for me and my family and usually work immediately and completely beyond what we even knew was possible.

I now understand the effectiveness of doTERRA oils all comes down to quality. doTERRA was born out of the need to address the all too common lack of quality, hidden adulterations and plain fraud which exists in today’s essential oil industry. doTERRA came to the industry with the highest quality, beyond organic, essential oil standard called CPTG – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. This includes sourcing plant material sustainably from indigenous areas where the plant naturally thrives, extracting the oil under highly managed conditions and carrying out a multitude of independent tests at multiple times during production to guarantee both potency and purity. doTERRA essential oils contain no fillers, artificial ingredients and are free of any contaminants such as pesticides or other chemical residues. In addition this is made available at www.sourcetoyou.com where you enter the batch number found on the bottom of your oil to see third party test reports for that particular batch, offering complete transparency.

But doTERRA don’t stop there, this true humanitarian company sources plant material with a co-impact sourcing model, which involves direct partnerships with local communities, with a priority on sustainability for the surrounding environment and positive impact for the local people, resulting in literally lifting up entire communities all around the globe. When choosing doTERRA you are not just making a substantial positive impact in your own life, but also the lives of others all around the globe.

To really provide natural health solutions in the form of quality essential oils, doTERRA draws from nature but partners with science. doTERRA is responsible for current leading research on essential oil chemistry owning extensive scientific laboratories and partnering with universities and leaders in the field. What is being discovered is astounding with therapeutic grade essential oils of this quality showing exciting and promising health advantages.

doTERRA’s outstanding quality, beyond our times sourcing model, ongoing commitment to bringing forth exciting scientific research along with witnessing my own plus others impressive personal experiences is why I passionately promote doTERRA and have incorporated a doTERRA business alongside all the other things I do. Do yourself a favour and try doTERRA. I have no doubts you will absolutely love them.