Why I choose essential oils for natural healing..

I want my choice in health care to be completely natural yet also highly effective, safe and convenient, so I choose quality therapeutic essential oils.

Using quality oils is such a pleasure, I apply an oil for a physical need, not only does it work, but I raise my vibration & smell amazing.

I have raised my family with essential oils as our form of medicine, using oils now daily for over 8 years for all our everyday needs, emotional needs, first aid and avoiding trips to the chemist. Quite simply, if there is a need in our home then there is an oil for it.

Essential oils are a known ancient medicinal support for human health, we have a strong history with essential oils as our chosen health care. There is over 300 mentions in the bible alone and modern scientific research is proving essential oils as an effective medicine.

Essential oils are 50-70 times more potent than the plant material in which they are derived. This potency is what offers a highly effective therapeutic result. Essential oils capture the immune function of the plant and the way it uniquely interacts within it’s environment. This offers unique properties from one oil compared to another.

Nature knows what it’s doing and that intelligence is captured in quality therapeutic essential oils.

Clearly we need natural, safe, highly effective health solutions that are sustainable and empower us by placing our health back in our own hands. Essential oils when used correctly don’t cause side effects or damage the way synthetic chemicals and pharmaceuticals do.

The best way to really understand the value of quality therapeutic essential oils is to simply try them.