Why Essential Oils?

Bridget White

Essential oils are known ancient medicinal tools for human health with over 300 mentions in the bible alone. Scientific research is finding essential oils hold great promise as an effective medicine of the future.

When I say effective, I am not joking, oils like oregano and tea tree essential oils have been found to be the only substance known to effectively deal with the problem of super bugs or antibiotic resistant bacteria, which is a microbial response to the overuse of chemicals and peppermint essential oil has over 1000 benefits to human health now published in medical journals.

Essential oils are 50-70 times more potent than the plant material in which they are derived. This potency is what offers a highly effective therapeutic result. Essential oils capture the immune function of the plant and the way it uniquely interacts within it’s environment. This offers unique properties from one oil compared to another.

Essential oils when used correctly don’t cause side effects or damage the way synthetic chemicals and pharmaceuticals do. It is clear that artificial chemicals and pharmaceutical medications are at the root cause of wide spread debilitating gut conditions which we understand to be at the core of practically all illness and disease. Let’s be very aware that synthetic chemicals are found in almost all home, body, cleaning, garden, first-aid and packaged food products.

We need natural, safe and highly effective solutions and therapeutic essential oils provide just that. Essential oils can truly empower us providing a safe effective alternative to all those manufactured products. Partnered with everyday basics, essential oils provide a simple do-it-yourself solution that is truly kind to all plus cheaper, more effective and totally sustainable.

In addition, one of my favourite advantages of using essential oils is the difference in their antimicrobial action. Many essential oils, used in correct doses, have been found to carry the intelligence found in nature to be capable of seeking out and targeting pathogenic, potentially harmful microorganisms while leaving healthy beneficial micro-organisms relatively untouched. Synthetic chemicals and pharmaceuticals have a blanket effect on the microbial world, killing or damaging everything in their path. Apart from the side effects and other disadvantages of chemical and pharmaceutical substances, the devastating effect on the microbial world must be avoided to maintain our vital gut health and to sustain the health of the entire world around us.

Therapeutic essential oils offer an intelligent and incredibly effective form of plant of medicine for all areas of health, physically and emotionally, even for all the family including our pets and animals, our gardens and urban home environments.

The best way to really understand the value of therapeutic essential oils is to simply try them. With science continuing to understand essential oils as the medicine of the future, it is really just a matter of time before your life is blessed by the gift of pure therapeutic essential oils.