If you are seeking healing, more joy, thriving natural health, connection within, inner peace, mental clarity & soul fulfilment..

Welcome, my name is Bridget White…

I intuit, inspire and connect you to your deeper truth, self fulfilling potential and a lifestyle that heals, through individual sessions and group events. I’m based in Southern Tasmania and I’m a person who is devoted as first priority to my own healing, and by healing I mean returning authentic wholeness across all levels of body, mind and spirit, in relationship to both myself, others and the world beyond. I am clear that as a result of my own healing, I am able to guide healing for others. Welcome to my website.

People who I work best with often…

  • have an inner feeling of being lost, disconnected, feel uncertain, disempowered &/or generally stuck in life
  • those who believe they are on an awakening / ascension journey who need support, understanding & guidance
  • when there’s a call for self care & you sense some support within that process would be of benefit
  • anyone who is experiencing any form of lack, limitation, fear &/or a sense of withholding who seeks resolve
  • those who have experienced some kind of trauma, loss, incident or accident & are in need of support & guidance
  • anyone who feels stressed, overwhelmed & / or burdened who wants to feel otherwise & is willing to create it
  • healers, people with spiritual gifts & those of service to others who are looking for support & guidance
  • those who have happened across me, often more than once & just know / feel to connect with me
  • people who are perhaps experiencing a spiritual awakening, synchronicities, feeling different & need support
  • anyone who is interested in being the best version of themselves who is working or willing to create it
  • those who are experiencing illness & / or challenges around health but who want to increase / regain wellbeing
  • anyone who finds themselves living in a way that is not what they desire, who is struggling to create their dreams
  • people who are struggling to feel good & feel like they need an energetic clean / re-alignment / balancing / activations
  • those who have worked with me before yet feel the need, or perhaps hear the call, to see me again
  • anyone who is curious & simply feels drawn to connect with me, who is open to receieve support & guidance

Here on my site, you will find all my current offerings and events plus availability to book yourself in or contact me directly.

“I believe healing is our destiny, a calling and the foundation for our souls purpose. I believe rising collectively is each of us rising ourselves. Healing brings everything of value into alignment and is our sacred journey from darkness to light.”

Bridget White