Bridget White

Bridget is a naturally gifted spirit channel, healer and certified holistic health coach who has been working in numerous areas of holistic health directed by her own personal self healing journey for over 20 years.

Bridget is well known for her contribution in the area of gut healing through highly inspiring fermentation and natural solutions workshops which empower the individual with foundational self healing tools, techniques and knowledge to transform their physical health.

In more recent years and very much as a result of living her gut healing content and devotion to her own self healing journey, Bridget awakened and stepped into her souls purpose as a powerful intuitive healer and clear spirit channel.

Bridget’s abilities continue to expand and include communicating multi-dimensionally with spirit, your soul, higher self, energetic fields, divine beings and those on the other side. Bridget’s work often includes clearing lower energies/entities, releasing trauma/old patterns stuck in the physical body, balancing your energy centres (chakras) and channelling energetic activations, light codes and advanced energetic healing.

Bridget’s clear connection is obvious as the level of accuracy and personal relevance that flows through her is unlike other psychic work or readings but rather speaks directly to your heart and soul and is like stepping out of the human experience for a moment to talk to god. It is common after a session to feel touched by the divine, light, aligned and peaceful with a deep level of understanding, self-empowerment and freedom to move forward.

Bridget is very aware of the importance of the healing work that is flowing through her and urges you, if you feel drawn, to please make contact and book a personal healing or attend one of her empowering events.

Thank you for visiting this website. Please use the contact page to get in touch with any enquiries or bookings you feel to make.

May self healing, soul purpose and enlightenment be your manifest experience.