If you are seeking healing, thriving natural health, a deep connection within, inner peace, mental clarity & soul fulfilment..

Welcome, my name is Bridget White…

I am here to inspire, guide & empower your way forward…

Firstly know, I am a person who is devoted to my own health and healing and by healing I mean returning authentic wholeness across all levels of body, mind and spirit, in relationship to both myself, others and the world beyond. I am clear that as a result of my own healing so far, I am able to inspire, connect, intuit and guide healing for others. Welcome to my website.

I work with people in the format of authentic intuitive readings, energy aligning massage, health guidance, inspirational group events and gut healing workshops. I work with people in my nature set studio in Woodbridge/Southern Tasmania and also with some sessions remotely online. On the following pages you will find full details to all my offerings along with freely given testimonials which continue to reiterate my work as incredibly insightful, life changing and very much the real deal.

People who I work best with often…

  • have an inner feeling of being lost, disconnected, feel uncertain, disempowered &/or generally stuck in life
  • those who believe they are on an awakening / ascension journey who need support, understanding & guidance
  • anyone who is experiencing any form of lack, limitation, fear &/or a sense of withholding who seeks resolve
  • those who have experienced some kind of trauma, loss, incident or accident & are in need of support & guidance
  • anyone who feels stressed, overwhelmed & / or burdened who wants to feel otherwise & is willing to create it
  • healers, people with spiritual gifts & those of service to others who are looking for support & guidance
  • those who have happened across me, often more than once & just know / feel to connect with me
  • people who are perhaps experiencing a spiritual awakening, synchronicities, feeling different & need support
  • anyone who is interested in being the best version of themselves who is working or willing to create it
  • those who are experiencing illness & / or challenges around health but who want to increase / regain wellbeing
  • anyone who finds themselves living in a way that is not what they desire, who is struggling to create their dreams
  • people who are struggling to feel good & feel like they need an energetic clean / re-alignment / balancing / activations
  • those who have worked with me before yet feel the need, or perhaps hear the call, to see me again
  • anyone who is curious & simply feels drawn to connect with me, who is open to receieve support & guidance

I hope to connect with you if I am resonating. I am certainly devoted to our collective healing and know offering my best self to this cause is my soul purpose, so I continue to develop myself while offering all that I become to you.

“I believe healing is our destiny, a calling and the foundation for our souls purpose. Healing brings everything that matters into alignment and is a sacred journey from darkness to light.”

Bridget White

Healing is our return to wholeness, our natural state of being, the sacred union within, an abundance of inner joy, love and peace. Collective healing is slowly and consistently unfolding and you may hear reference to the coming golden age, the great awakening, an evolutionary enlightenment, global resurrection and individual returning within. I encourage you to refrain from allowing yourself to be distracted / consumed outside yourself within the contrast of this mass re-alignment and instead focus on healing as your priority because this is how we rise collectively, we rise ourselves.

“When we heal ourselves, we heal the world. For as the body is only as healthy as it’s individual cells, the world is only as healthy as it’s individual souls.”

Mark Nepo