Distant Intuitive Healing Readings

“Bridget’s remote reading was amazing, clarified everything I needed in my life … making me feel amazing … I highly recommend if you are feeling lost or out of alignment.”

Brock, Byron Bay Australia

As a Mystic Healer I offer individual healing readings with a choice of format..

60 minute Phone/Online Healing Reading requires you to book an appointment with me to connect over phone (or online if overseas). In session I tune in to communicate with a deeper / soul level you. I often bring through soul insights and connect you with universal truths triggering natural clearing and dissolving surface level fears, returning and connecting you to a deeper authentic self. I have the ability to receive from a neutral space and so don’t require any information from you. I voice record this for you. You will have opportunity for any discussion, to ask any specific questions and or gain further clarifications.

30 minute Mini Remote Healing Reading works the same as above, however is short and sweet with no appointment required. I tune in without your physical presence or awareness and let me assure you, this makes no difference to the quality and accuracy of the reading. I record your reading and email within a week of your booking. There is no need for prior questions or any particular information, these are commonly addressed organically in your reading however please note I am happy to email briefly afterwards if you require any clarification.

Book Here.. either phone/online OR remote..

Remote intuitive Healing Reading (30min)

Remote intuitive Healing Reading for 30 minutes, emailed to you within 7 days.

Price: AU$55.00

I also offer in-person Healing Sessions in Kingston, Southern Tasmania, if you prefer


“Bridget was spot on with her insights and I felt an amazing energy shift the days following the reading. Thank you Bridget for your genuine heart felt reading/healing. I felt like I was sitting right in front of you, even though we were over a video call in different states.”

Sarah, Queensland

” Thank you so very much for my fantastic remote reading.  I’ve listened to it countless times in the past week and each time I get a little more out of it. A particular part was profound for me and exactly what you’d said explained a ‘why‘ for me and that has made a lot of difference how I now view things. Thank You so much. “

Jazz, Australia

“Your reading was spot on, precise, deep and really beautiful. I feel touched, soothed, reassured and have more clarity about my next steps. I love your Australian accent, your sense of humour and the depth of your work.” 

Katharina, Switzerland 

“Bridget is a gifted intuitive soul with understanding and compassion at every turn. I whole-heartedly recommend her wonderful energies and guidance given on multiple levels.”

Diane, London, England

“I just had an online healing session with Bridget and she is definitely the real deal. I just sat there and received guidance the whole time without being asked for any feedback though I had opportunities to ask questions. I love that as there is absolutely no prompting. The amazing thing is that the information I received was on point. It described my situation clearly and am confident now to move forward with ease and grace. Sometimes you need a reassuring voice and Bridget definitely provided that for me. Thank you Bridget for offering such a special service. You are definitely gifted.”

Marisa, Gold Coast, Queensland

Bridget is the real deal! Friendly, helpful, and incredibly insightful! I was struck by how perfectly timely what you shared is for me… your guidance was super confirmatory for me… Thank you very much!!”

David, Calafornia, USA

“Bridget was prompt with delivering my remote reading, the information dense enough that I will need repeated listenings to take it all in, but everything shared is consistent with the direction I have found myself moving toward over the past few years. Very insightful!”

Caroline, Utah, United States

“I’ve had two distant healing sessions with Bridget and they were both really incredible. She always addresses the most pertinent dynamics I am experiencing, or am yet to experience, in a way that also provides enormous amounts of clarity and guidance around these issues. I am currently in Brazil, the land of my ancestors in a place that is highly connected to ancestry and spirituality, and surprisingly to me, my sessions with Bridget have carried the most profoundly impactful messages during this time. I’m a huge fan.”

Marina, Sydney/Brazil

“Bridget’s amazing intuitive reading confirmed something that I have been sensing for some time – but tossed aside as I felt it wasn’t ‘logical’ or even possible. I now feel safe to explore this option as a new life path and it feels wonderful. Highly recommend!”

Jo, Melbourne

“Thank You Bridget for my remote healing some weeks ago. It was amazingly insightful and I felt deeply connected to the truth of your words. Having had a remote healing and an in person healing, I can honestly say distance is no barrier to your perceptive channeling. It was both inspiring and encouraging in exactly the way I needed at the time. I personally felt because I was in my own space I was able to retain and absorb more of the channelled wisdom. You truly are a clear and trusted channel…”

Rani, Tasmania

“I have had two remote sessions with Bridget. The first out of curiosity and then when I was having a rough week I reached out for another reading. It was enlightening and gave me the opportunity to see things from a different angle, certainly a great and successful healing. I highly recommend Bridget”

Stephanie, Maleny Queensland

“I listened to my reading… I had big realisations about trauma as a young child and as a young adult, things that I had not realised the significance of… I had a giggle when you mentioned big changes… as I’ve separated from my husband of nearly 30 years… So yes, as you said, lots of clearing out to be done!… Thank you so much. This has opened me up, like you said, to the joy in life!”

Lesley, Harvey Bay Queensland

“Being proud & confident in the quality of my work, I offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Simply let me know within our time together & no charge or a full refund will be honoured. For a remote session, I will offer an additional but brief call in the case you are unsatisfied in anyway, assisting you to gain extra clarity & connect with your reading”