Essential Oils for Health & Healing

I want my first choice in health care to be completely natural yet also highly effective, safe and convenient. I simply choose quality therapeutic essential oils because they work. I have used these particular essential oils since 2016 for my everyday needs, emotional needs & first aid needs. Quite simply, if there’s a need in our home then there is an oil for it and 9/10 times it works.

Using quality oils is such a pleasure, I apply an oil for a physical need, not only have I found it works, but I raise my vibration & smell amazing.

Personally for me plant material in a dried form has never resonated, I simply see it as dead plant material, no longer holding high medicinal qualities nor life-force, this is just my opinion. I certainly value living plant material and include it often as preventive medicine through diet, though I am aware potency is not feasible in raw plant material to provide therapeutic results.

Essential oils however are a known ancient medicinal support for human health, we have a strong history with essential oils as health care with over 300 mentions in the bible alone plus now modern scientific research proving essential oils as effective.

Essential oils are 50-70 times more potent than the raw plant material in which they are derived. This potency is what offers a highly effective therapeutic result. Essential oils capture the immune function of the plant and the way it uniquely interacts within it’s environment. This offers unique properties from one oil compared to another. How amazing is that!

Nature knows what it’s doing and that intelligence is captured in quality therapeutic essential oils.

Clearly we need natural, safe, highly effective health solutions that are sustainable and empower us by returning our health back into our own hands. Essential oils when used correctly don’t cause side effects the way synthetic chemicals and pharmaceuticals do.

The best way to understand the value of quality therapeutic essential oils is to simply try them. I use the brand doTERRA.

doTERRA has a network marketing structure which honestly I don’t love and deterred me initially for years. I would tell my doTERRA friends, don’t talk to me about network marketing! One day a friend placed a drop of doTERRA peppermint essential oil on the back of my neck bringing me instant relief from hay fever. That allowed me to soften around doTERRA as no other essential oil (nor any natural remedy) had worked anything close to this before. doTERRA was so incredibly effective, honestly I was excited, so I left my networking marketing resistance behind and just bought a heap of doTerra oils. I’ve use them everyday since and I truly love them. I continue to have incredibly effective results plus I’ve had pretty good experiences with the company also, that like the oils, exceed my expectations. I truely feel quality essential oils such as doTerra oils, are a gift we all deserve.

doTerra is interested in therapeutic benefits, not just beautiful aromas & is said to be born out of the desire to address the poor quality and hidden adulterations in the essential oil industry.

There are many reasons why doTERRA would have decided on a networking marketing business structure and surprisingly to me, they have actually provided me with a healthy network marketing experience. But the company is built not just between people, but on global partnerships with communities all over the world, anywhere there is opportunity to source native plant materials in a beyond sustainable, environmentally beneficial and community supporting way, doTERRA is interested.

doTerra extract the essential oils in the communities in which the oil is sourced under highly managed conditions, either steam distilled or cold pressed for the citrus oils and then undertake multiple levels of independent testing to ensure no oils contain any fillers, artificial ingredients or contaminants of any kind plus they monitor the botanical chemistry to ensure therapeutic qualities are indeed intact. Reports are then available publicly at offering complete transparency. This is why doTERRA essential oils are so incredibly effective because it really does seem that commitment to quality, health, our environment and humanity is at the centre of this company and honestly that’s just not what we are use to with big businesses.

I say, simply try these oils for yourself… you will know if they are for you.

Here’s my personal favourites

  • Lavender to calm, soothe or relax a situation, person or environment. Ideal for skin health & to support sleep
  • Citrus – Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime or Orange cleaning properties for home & internal body, I drink in my water
  • Peppermint the most popular essential oil, freshens breath, cools, gives dynamic energy lift & aids digestive health
  • Oregano powerfully supports on a microbial health level, boosts the immune system & guards overall health
  • Tea Tree gentle on the skin, aligns skin microbial health, sustains skin beauty, relieves itches & ideal for skin first aid
  • Frankincense powerful for cellular, brain & entire health. Supports connection above & beyond. I take internally often
  • Rose has the highest vibration of all essential oils, incredibly uplifting, emotionally supportive, I wear as perfume
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil a highly effective, non greasy carrier oil that I use with essential oils as an overall moisturiser plus in all of my bodywork sessions as massage oil with cliental

I can order for you at wholesale pricing & deliver to your door. You can begin with 1 or 2 oils, or a whole set, whatever is best for you.

Click this link to order essential oils with me opening an doTERRA account yourself online

Click here to arrange for me to take your order for you, answer questions and/or provide any personal guidance


“I use my doterra oils everyday and have done so since meeting Bridget 5 years ago. I still rave to friends about these oils because they don’t just smell amazing but they really do work.”

Julie, Hobart Tasmania

“I have resolved so many issues with my doterra essential oils such as everyday things that I use to go to the chemist for but surprisingly to me bigger issues like my arthritic hands. Thanks to Ice Blue and Frankincense I now have so much more movement and hardly any pain. Bridget applied these oils to my finger joints when I meet her, I am still blown away by the results and continue to use these oils regularly.”

Margaret, Hobart Tasmania

“I highly recommend doterra essential oils, Bridget and all her events. I have learnt and benefited so much. Thank You so much.”

Cindy, Hobart Tasmania

“I am still amazed how much these oils have helped me and continue to help me everyday for the past 3 years since I got my first free Wild Orange oil from Bridget. I ordered the full kit and have since ordered every month because I love them, so does my husband and even my kids!”

Sara, Cairns, Queensland

“I had a massage with Bridget and could not believe the scent, such an incredible smell that was like nothing else. I had to get some of these oils and Bridget suggested some roll on blends. I now wear them all the time, Thank You.”

Bethany, Tasmania

“I use doterra everyday and couldn’t image my life without them. They work, it’s that simple, do try them.”

Suzanne, Sandy Bay, Tasmania

“Bridget tends to ‘just know’ the oils which I will love… I wouldn’t be without my oils & am so grateful I tried them”

Kim, Sunshine Coast, Queensland