About Me

Hi, I’m Bridget, allow me to share some pieces of my life that I used to uncover the courageous, empowered, light filled, wise intuitive woman that I am today… plus a little into how I’m expanding and what’s coming next for me professionally.

Like most of us, I was raised amongst all kinds of abuse, toxicity and darkness, not enough to ruin me, just enough to get well accustomed to life’s shadows. My father was an important figure for me growing up, he was so grounded, often making jokes and was a calm rock admist many challenges. As a young adult I partnered up with characters who were unlike my father but reflected the challenges in my childhood. In my third relationship I woke up deep in this cycle, partnered with a psychopath.

I finally saw darkness, it masqueraded as anything but, I got safe and threw myself into devotion to self, healing and seeking light.

I began on my knees, with literally nothing bar my life endangered, 2 precious children, disconnected from my family and from myself plus the conclusion that my human self had absolutely no idea how to navigate life. I looked up and announced, this is not what I had planned, clearly I have no idea how to live life, tell me what to do, I’ll do whatever you ask. In that moment I handed my world over to a presence that I had little relationship with but felt could guide me 100% better that I could alone.

What followed was an undeniable string of synchronistic divine interventions which called to me to take serious major risks.

I took all of the risks without delay which worked out far better than my human mind could have ever coordinated. Looking back, this gave me my power back, as I continued to land on my feet, shocked but safe, supported, with everything I needed. I finally knew what I was capable of and how to move in this world, not solely from my mind, but in partnership with the greater whole.

Over the following years I continued to live surrendered, totally guided and devoted to my healing which included attending many years as a client in a range of professional therapies, spiritual healing sessions and natural modalities along with lots of nature time and exploring my own innate healing power. Subsequently I unravelled my childhood, released false programming, broke generational patterns, connected within (and beyond) and uncovered and embodied my expanding authentic alignment.

Looking back, even as a little girl raised with zero religion or spirituality, I was aware of a presence far more greater than myself.

I remember regularly closing my eyes and feeling myself as energy. I would say my name and bring myself into a moment of self awareness. I liked the buzz this gave me as I felt myself energetically everywhere. While I practiced this often to alleviate the darkness I was experiencing growing up, I now know I was very much clearing my energetics and connecting to a higher source.

I began healing in my 20’s with physical detoxing, a normal progression thanks to my mother who raised me with natural health practices following on from her mother. I found further healing studying a Bachelor in Visual Art and Sociology and developed an arts career where I became known, paid professionally and exhibited nationally. My artworks were rebellious, feminist and questioned society as a whole. But six years into my career I felt disconnected and irritated by the art world’s ego, so it was an easy escape to travel Australia with who I thought was a knight in shining armour. Slowly I lost everything, including my arts career, in what was actually a relationship with a psychopath. He put darkness in my face but later I used this to find my light.

I escaped to face an ongoing aftermath from connecting with such a character. In the years following my life was both rich in serious challenges yet also synchronicity, fate and what I see as literal miracles. When he took me to court for shared child custody, my lawyer uncovered serious unconvicted felonies and mid case I was unexpectedly awarded 100% custody. He then proceeded to stalk and seriously threaten me in which authorities said they could do nothing about as there wasn’t enough evidence for conviction from previous felonies. I refused for my children and me to be the final evidence so I took our lives into my own hands, trusted my guidance and made a move. Overnight I disconnected from our life, relocated interstate to Tasmania, changed our names and began a whole new life. (I can safely share this as I have learnt he has been killed in a car accident.)

Ten years after my loosing everything, I began a new career path and pursued a Certification as a Holistic Health Coach.

In my 30’s and safe haven in Tasmania, I studied Health Coaching with a non-government institution based in New York, the Institution of Integrative Nutrition. I found immense value in Gut Health, healing many of my long term physical health challenges and passionately shared this with others in workshops and a business Wild For Wellness reaching hundreds of people across Australia guiding them not just in gut health, but inspiring all kinds of physical health and self healing empowerment.

More recently in my 40’s the call inwards again arrived but to explore, develop, grow and expand my connection above and beyond. I was asked to take my guidance and spiritual self seriously. So I did, I just kept showing up and committed to daily meditation and regular spiritual practices, doing spiritually as I was guided and trusting and expanding my intuitive skills.

I was quickly guided to share my healing, clear connection and ability to see, hear and know intuitively with ease with others.

One day while walking past my local spiritual health clinic, I heard the intuitive call to walk straight in and enquire about offering my services. I was shocked, I couldn’t have been more unprepared and wasn’t at all clear what I was offering, but I knew to follow my guidance, so reluctantly I went in. I told the lady at the desk I’d had a spiritual awakening and was guided to offer sessions that combined aromatherapy massage with intuitive messages. She happened to be the clinic psychic and owner, she looked me up and down, as if to psychically read me, then invited me to join and work at the clinic and begin with a session on her!

“Bridget creates a healing space that holds you in perfect Love. I felt completely safe, nurtured and cared for. The beautiful energy that Bridget works with is powerful and clearly from divine Source… The healing helped to clear fear-based blocks that I had held for a long time, allowing me to feel more confidence in my work. Thank you so much Bridget.”

Kathy, Earth Mother, Cygnet Tasmania

Five years later, I am still offering intuitive healing work, still completely as guided and it is obvious to me, and others, that this work is coming through me from a very high source. I feel my actual work is to remain surrendered, follow my guidance and maintain physical health for a connected human vessel so I can continue to receive and give form to what comes through that is of light. It is now so abundantly clear that my entire life has been the ideal training ground for this work that I can do today.

In addition to this work, I am happily part-time employed at Lotus Tree, a dynamic spiritual store in Hobart. I am also gifted to be the mother of 2 beautiful teenagers plus a gorgeous white fluffy dog. The everyday is never dull yet harmonious all the same.

For 2023 I have enrolled to begin a 5 year professional International Graduate Diploma in Kinesiology where I will expand my skills to communicate with the energetics of the physical body to bring about physical healing, a powerful compliment to my abilities communicating with higher energy fields. Aligning with Kinesiology as a modality plus an advanced international teacher in Melbourne, Nicole Hutcheson, has been filled with synchronicity so I know this is going to be amazing.. watch this space!