About Me

Bridget White

Hi, my name is Bridget White and like so many of us, I was raised amongst all kinds of abuse and toxicity. I grew up experiencing a multitude of darkness, not too much to completely disable me, but enough to get to know life’s shadows well. Then, like many, I re-created and partnered up with these shadows in my early adult life that I see in hindsight allowed me to raise what I needed within to break away and begin my journey into the light.

I awoke from my shadowed life surrendered on my knees. Here I came to the conclusion that my human self had absolutely no idea how to navigate life as I found myself at rock bottom, a shattered abused mess, with two little children, no belongings, no finances, no close contacts and our lives in serious danger. In that moment I looked up and announced, this is not what I had planned for, clearly I have no idea how to live life, tell me what to do, I’ll do whatever you ask and in that moment I handed my world over to a presence that I had little relationship with but felt could absolutely guide me better that I could alone.

What followed was a string of divine interventions which I intuitively felt called to me to take serious major risks. Being a bold and spontaneous soul, I took all of these risks without delay which worked out far better than my human mind could have ever coordinated. I landed on my feet, safe, supported with everything we needed and my children under my wings. Over the following years I was guided within, embracing various therapists, modalities, nature and my own innate healing power. I unravelled my childhood, released false programming, broke generational patterns, connected within (and beyond) to find my authentic alignment and today live a life of healing in action.

Looking back, as a little girl I was always somewhat aware of a presence far more than myself. I remember regularly closing my eyes and feeling myself as energy. I liked the buzz this gave me as I felt myself everywhere, fully expanded, as one. While I practiced this to alleviate the darkness I was experiencing growing up, I now know I was very much clearing my energetics and connecting to a higher source. My abilities extended to having sight, knowing and voicing beyond my child self, often against the status quo, which was rarely received by those around me who rather forcefully and aggressively worked to shut me down out of fear.

I left my childhood home after completing high school and after some time acting out rebelliously, purging toxicity and freeing up my energy, in my 20’s I began cleansing with an interest in natural health and found healing in self expression in the world of art. I took on years of tertiary arts study gaining a Bachelor of Arts majoring in both Visual Art and Sociology and built a professional arts career in Queensland for which I was known and professionally paid showcasing artwork that questioned societies constructs, challenged gender roles and was feminist in nature.

In my 30’s I became more interested in physical health and got certified as a Holistic Health Coach choosing to do so through a non-government, alternative institution based in New York, the Institution of Integrative Nutrition. I found immense value in Gut Health, healing many of my long term physical health challenges so passionately developed fermentation and natural health workshops in my first business Wild For Wellness which became a great success for which I was known and sought out. I reached hundreds of people across Australia guiding them not just in gut health, but inspiring holistic physical self healing empowerment.

More recently in my 40’s I turned inwards, spiritually, to truly bring forth my partnership with all that I am and live by, sharing with others my connection and ability to see, hear and know intuitively with ease. When tuned in inter-dimensionally I can see energetic dynamics, positions and pathways accurately and give voice as a conduit to wisdom, truth and channel guidance. I am aware my life has led me on a pathway of self mastery and it is my pleasure to offer all I have become to guide your journey of healing, where ever you are, from darkness to light.

When I’m not actively serving here in my own business, I can be found joyfully employed part time at Hobart’s popular and dynamic spiritual store, The Lotus Tree, (formerly Padmalight) 45 Victoria St, Hobart. Generally I feel these days I’m living the dream, rolling with life’s flow, attracting entertaining miracles and continuing to devote my life to health, healing, divine love and freedom. But I’d say my favourite time is spent in the simplicity of the everyday, often with my 2 beautiful teenagers and our fluffy white dog relaxing in our blessed home in Southern Tasmania.