Intuitive Massage & Energy Healing

“Wow Bridget, what an exquisite combination… nurturing massage, the best essential oils, drumming, crystal bowls, your voice and your beautiful presence! I LOVED this session, I feel clear & light yet calm & grounded. I will be back!”

Samantha, Hobart, Tasmania

A healing massage tailored specifically to your precise needs and preferences. We have a brief chat about your body and session intentions, which I combine with my intuitive guidance, to create you a beautifully individualised healing massage experience.

Your massage is a combination as suits of oil massage (bare skin) or dry massage (clothes on) with remedial, deep releasing, nurturing, relaxing, shiatsu-type applied pressure and/or acupressure techniques. This is weaved with my favourite quality aromatherapy if desired plus intuitive energy healing such as energy balancing, clearings and activations; crystal vibrations; guided psychic bodywork and clearing and/or sound frequencies using crystal bowls, singing bowls, medicine drumming and perhaps toning / my voice.

These sessions are deeply nurturing, holistically healing yet also powerful and transformative. You will rise from the massage table feeling light and calm yet grounded, clear and connected. Ideal as regular self care with the entire focus specific for you.

During these sessions I often receive subtle intuitive healing messages and these will also be shared. Please note I do also offer Intuitive Readings so if this is more what you are seeking, please consider booking that offering instead.

Taking a mini break in May.. final April availability here..

If you are called to this offering but finances pose a barrier, you can pay in 4 through PayPal, just follow the PayPal option. I am also open to consider direct trades or work exchanges, please just message me directly about this. Further I offer a portion of all my work on an online global economy database. It’s important to me to make my work accessible to all.

“Being proud & confident in the quality of my work, I offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Simply let me know within our time together & no charge or a full refund will be honoured.”


‘Wow!  My massage today was one of the best I have ever had and the reading was amazing and I know now how I need to move forward.  Bridget is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to book another session with her.  Be kind to yourself and book a session you will be left feeling amazing.  Thank you Bridget!’

Alison, Tasmania

“Thankyou Bridget for yet another amazing intuitive massage. I left feeling calm and relaxed, with so much more clarity…it’s been two days and I still feel so much calmer within myself.”

Michelle, Cygnet Tasmania

“AMAZING, what a Gift you are to those that find their way to you! Femininity, a peaceful healing environment. I truly recommend which I did when asked what I had been doing after leaving my session today!”

Pam, Huonville Tasmania

“I have had the privilege of working with Bridget for some time now, and every time I receive her powerful intuitive healing readings and intuitive massages I reach another level of personal insight, healing and strength. I truly feel safe in Bridget’s space and am a better person for our work together.”

Justine, Kettering, Tasmania

“Bridget’s intuition was spot on, even before the massage started. The massage itself was exactly what I needed and the sound bath at the end of the session allowed me to process the experience and have a profound realisation. The best intuitive massage I have ever had”

Trina, Woodbridge Tasmania

“Oh my, my massage session today was more than I ever imagined it would be… everything resonated on so many levels. I left feeling lighter and relaxed with some things to consider. Thank You.”

Tamara, Southern Tasmania

“Bridget is one of those rare healers who knows how to hold space for deep transformation. She does not shy away from the hard stuff and offers a welcoming, grounded, and very sacred cauldron. I highly recommend Bridget’s bodywork sessions and love the way she weaves energy, sound, and ritual together into a powerful medicine.”

Misha, Hobart Tasmania

“I’ve just returned home after a massage/healing with Bridget, feeling refreshed and centred.  By allowing Bridget to work intuitively, I got exactly what I needed. I wanted a treatment that was uniquely attuned to me, and that’s what I got. Thank you.”

Michelle, Woodbridge, Tasmania

“Bridget thank you so much for my massage and energy healing today in a beautiful setting. You made me feel very comfortable and relaxed from the start, followed by the most divine massage with lovely oils, I left feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated”

Janine, Blackmans Bay, Tasmania

“Bridget, that was the best massage I’ve ever had… Wowsers!”

Mel, Tasmania

“Bliss! Thank you for your beautiful intuitive massage, it was exactly what I needed to fill my cup. Those crystal singing bowls were amazing.”

Kellie, Kettering Tasmania

“My spiritual teacher always taught me to be careful of who’s hands you place yourself in. I can say, unreservedly, you are safe hands. What a gift you are.. Thank You Bridget”

Pam, Huonville, Tasmania

“Thankyou for the massage session today. It was wonderful to be in your capable hands again. The feeling of shifting the old that was so perfectly up and ready to be released. Working into all the right spots with the frankincense was pure bliss. A strong massage and beautiful experience as always.”

Vicki, Cygnet Tasmania

“In a really beautiful location, Bridget helped me get out of a stressed, fatigued induced, downward spiral feeling. I am very grateful, as always, for her words within my intuitive massage session.”

Annie, Gardners Bay, Tasmania

“Bridget has lovingly created a beautiful space… It is the perfect place to experience all her offerings. The massage was gentle and intuitive and exactly what I needed at the time for my body. Thank you.”

Lucy, Oyster Cove, Tasmania

“This massage was so nurturing it transported me beyond the table then returned me clearly connected to the peaceful, calm and centred being I am deep within. I will be back and regularly too. Absolutely adored this session. Thank You.”

Kim, Hobart Tasmania

“Lovely warm comforting space. Massage was relaxing and oils smelt divine. The sound healing was great for bringing focus and clarity. Walked in with my head full of worry and just too many thoughts, walked out feeling relaxed and centred. Ready to take on anything.”

Anastasia, Tasmania

“I felt welcomed and nurtured from the moment I walked in the door. The choice of oils and gentle hands was so lovely, I really didn’t want to leave! Thank you, I feel like a new woman.”

Amanda, Hobart Tasmania

“Had an amazing healing massage with Bridget yesterday and loooooved it! I suffer from an autoimmune disorder where I am in constant pain and suffer with fatigue but woke up this morning in leaps and bounds with more energy and no pain. The use of the oils really helped and just what my body needed. Thank you Bridget, I can’t wait for my next treatment!

Melissa, Blackmans Bay, Tasmania

“I came away from my session with Bridget feeling light & refreshed. The selection of essential oils felt amazing. Such a lush experience.”

Jo, Cygnet Tasmania

“I highly recommend Bridget and this beautiful massage. Prior to my treatment my body felt sore, stressed and anxious… the oils were divine. I’d highly recommend to anyone and would honestly go back every day if I could!”

Mel, Cygnet Tasmania

“I had the pleasure of meeting Bridget for the first time yesterday, what an experience… the massage was spot on just where it was needed.. you are amazing Bridget.. Thank you and Looking forward to joining your healing circles”

Jeanette, Cygnet, Tasmania

“I was sailing for a couple of hours after my massage with Bridget. Could not have been more relaxed, loved it!”

Lucy, Cygnet Tasmania

“Bridget gives the best Massage session, I just floated away!”

Stephanie, Maleny Queensland