Women’s Holistic Health Retreat

deeply transformational, holistic healing experience for your body, mind & soul

An opportunity to dive deep with me in all I that I live, teach and stand for. People have always joked at various events about just needing to come live with me… well here is a mini version of that opportunity! Your Welcome!

This retreat aims to deliver education, inspiration and both everyday practical experiences right through to deeply insightful enlightening experiences for your next level lifestyle upgrade and personal transformation. We will be focused on true health empowerment, increasing your energy, bringing clarity, peace and resolutions to your mind plus expanding and deepening your inner relationship to who you really are.

The retreat focus is not so much to provide a luxurious, gourmet break from life, many other retreats offer that, although we can’t help it if we cook delicious meals together and glamp style camp! But our real focus will be on transformational self healing work. You will both learn and expand, practice and experience and then take it all home with you for integration to upgrade, heal and further align your life. Rest assured this healing work has a simplicity about it, yet it is deeply impactful, quite often experienced as profound, and is beautiful to witness within and all around you in your life.

You Will Receive…

  • holistic health and lifestyle education
  • practical ‘food as medicine’ cooking demonstrations / experiences
  • delicious energy creating meals & drinks
  • supported short 24hr detox
  • cute garden set, dome tent glamping shared accomodation (2 nights)
  • various movement opportunities with options / levels
  • inspiring, insightful, mind clearing group talks
  • invitation to join Bridget for cold water immersion
  • beautiful wood-fire sauna cleansing experiences
  • multiple opportunities for nature immersion
  • option for group sharing and connection
  • multiple guided opportunities to connect within
  • creative art expression / explorations
  • group sound healing baths
  • 1x healing massage with Bridget
  • handmade aroma gift with my favourite quality essential oils
  • plus highly likely much more…

This is an all encompassing, high vibrational, authentic origins, body, mind & soul experience.

This retreat will provide the opportunity to truely and deeply unplug; explore, break and address addictive cycles and sabotaging habits; plus we will be in conversation with higher truths which have a way at naturally questioning, realigning and providing clarity as to how to release negative self talk, fear based beliefs, generational trauma, abuse, patterns and programming and anything else that does not serve you.

You will return to your life a wiser, expanded, connected and brighter version of yourself with skills, tweaks, practices and inspiration to boot. You will feel light, energised, clear and empowered plus simply just beautifully you!


Please note while this retreat will be held in a small, intimate group of 6x women, with some group structure, you will be contained within your own sacred space for a powerful individual experience.

Retreat Cost is $780 total all included (option to Pay in 4 through PayPal $195×4) OR book with a deposit of $380 (option to Pay deposit in 4 through PayPal $95×4) then pay the remaining $400 in cash on retreat arrival.

2024 Spring Retreat to be confirmed with a new venue.

Contact me to be added to the list of interested participants.


“I had the privilege of attending a business retreat run by Bridget in a beautiful Southern Tasmanian location. Memories and information from that weekend will always be with me. From the amazing, delicious, nutritious food, meditations, massage and all the wonderful people I shared that time with. Bridget has an infectious personality that is easy to fall in love with and her passion for a healthy life is so motivating. She is extremely knowledgeable and teaches in a way that is easy to understand and will inspire you to incorporate what you learn into your life. If you have the chance to learn from Bridget, dive in! You will be rewarded with an abundance of knowledge and likely years more information through her social media groups.”

Cassie, Pipers River, Northern Tasmania

“I’ve worked with Bridget on a number of retreats, both as co facilitators and in united pursuit of enhancing our friends and clients health and well being. Bridget is a master of knowing what to do to suit the individuals needs without that person feeling like they need to be fixed! It’s about being both empowered and gently cushioned, through the transitions one needs, to own their mental and physical wellbeing”

Annie Clark, lifestyle health consultant, author & retreat facilitator, Sunshine Coast, Qld